Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Let’s face it, most people don’t like being limited in their calling and data service plans. Unfortunately, many service providers offer limited plans while over pricing their unlimited packages to restrict users. That’s not to say that you cannot get cheap unlimited cell phone plans.

To start with, most providers offer unlimited plans in individual packages. The most popular packages include unlimited voice, unlimited voice and text, and unlimited data plans. There are only a handful of providers that offer ‘unlimited everything’ plans – it’s only Verizon Wireless, TracFone, PrePayd Wireless, and Cricket Wireless that offer unlimited everything packages among the top billed providers as AT&T discontinued its unlimited cell phone plans.

Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone PlansGenerally, unlimited plans tend to be more expensive than limited plans because the latter have minute allotments. The catch with limited plans is that if you exceed your allotment, you are made to pay expensively for the extra minutes, usually as high as $0.1 per minute.

Most unlimited cell phone plans come with unlimited text messaging. But the best thing with an unlimited plan is that it gives you the security in knowing that your monthly charge is all inclusive.

The following are some of the cheap unlimited cell phone plans from the leading providers as of June 2012.

Sprint – Although the company announced earlier this year that it would introduce the LTE plan, it also stated that its unlimited plan would remain available. The basic prepaid plan starts at $30, and is designed for users who simply want a no-nonsense deal with their cell phone plan. The plan includes 200 anytime minutes which can be good for small business owners.

Cricket – Cricket has one of the cheapest unlimited cell phone plans of any provider at the moment. Moreover, it is contract-free and includes unlimited talk, unlimited long distance, voicemail, and caller ID for only $35 per month. However, some Cricket users have complained about call quality, specifically regarding dropped calls. This is not surprising given the limited coverage area of the carrier. In addition, it seems like Cricket’s customer service support is mostly automated as users complain of not being able to get through to a live agent most of the time. So, while the unlimited plan is attracted, you might like to consider other facets before buying a plan.

Verizon Wireless – For a long time, Verizon’s unlimited plan was the champion, but the company has not been offering the service since June 2011. That means that you can only have this plan if you purchased your phone before June 2011.

Virgin – Virgin cut its base price to $33 in June 2012 without major complications. The plan comes with unlimited calls to landlines, unlimited Internet access, and 250 anytime minutes to mobile. However, the lowest price is available only to existing Virgin customers for landline or cable.

PrePayd Wireless – PrePayd Wireless’ plan starts at $35 a month, with international text and calling, among other services. They also claim to have 4G coverage. Their unlimited plan is not contractual, which means you pay in advance as the name suggests – PrePayd.

Note that the prices are always subject to change and it’s better to confirm with the provider’s website. word count 325